SD-WAN Flex Edge

Flexible Edge

The value of SD-WAN is flexibility, scalability, and agility.  These values directly align with the mission of Core Transit as well.  Our SD-WAN Flex Edge solution puts your organization in the driver’s seat when building SD-WAN solutions.  We have direct connectivity to several key cloud providers and internet exchanges.  Our Flex Edge solution allows you to deploy SD-WAN virtual nodes of your choice in our cloud and take advantage of direct cloud on ramp connectivity.  Getting your traffic to our network is also flexible.  Of course we support over the top internet connectivity as an underlay but can also cross connect directly into our environment or to dedicated circuit underlays as well.

sd-wan flex edge architecture


You choose how you want to connect to us.  Dedicated WAN services such as dedicated ethernet, direct cross connect or internet transport; you decide!


Out network scales rapidly with 100’s of Gigabits of capacity.  Our solutions are virtualized making upgrades or capacity increases simple to implement. 


Our SD-WAN Flex Edge solution we can virtualize all functions, meaning you don’t need to lease rack space and buy physical infrastructure to terminate your SD-WAN network at key cloud on-ramp locations.

Supported Vendors

Our SD-WAN Flex Edge service will support several of the most popular SD-WAN solutions on the market today!
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