Static Route Tunnel Service

Our Static Route Tunnel service allows you to solve several use cases no matter the size or scope of your network needs.  Built on the same network our IP Transit and Internet as a Service offer our tunnels give you clean access to the Internet with expanded addressing abilities.  Don’t have an IP prefix?  We can lease you IP addresses as well!  Bringing your own ASN and prefixes?  We do BGP Tunnels too!

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BGP Tunnel Service Basic Topology

Home / Lab Tunnel

Home Lab Tunnel Use Case

Do you need dedicated IP addresses for testing, development, or home automation?  Our home lab solution is the answer!  This solution can deliver a single address, a static block of addresses.  Bring your own address or rent from us!  Connect your home lab, Raspberry Pi, web development solution, and more with fully internet-reachable IP-addressed tunnels!

Primary Connection Tunnel

IP Transit City

Does your business require dedicated IP addressing but is unable to acquire it in your area?  Many broadband providers offer only dynamic addresses or limited size address blocks as best.  Our service allows you to route all network traffic through our network while we deliver the IP addressing you need.  This a great solutions for small hosting businesses, start up WISP’s and more!  

BGP Tunnel Service Diagram

Tunnel over any internet connection.  Broadband?  You bet!  4G / 5G?  Yep!  Starlink?  We have customers doing it now… If you have questions about your underlying connection and how it would work with our service let us know. 

We offer several tunnel types to accommodate your use cases.  Whether you’re connecting from a public IP address, through a firewall, or behind NAT we can tunnel with you!


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