vMetal Routing

Flexible Cloud Routing

Our vMetal Routing platform gives you the ultimate in flexibility in cloud routing.  Build an ISP Core, establish an SD-WAN hub site, build your own cloud firewall solutions, access internet exchanges, or peer directly all with our vMetal Routing platform! Use a single instance or deploy in N+1 instances for an even more robust solution.  vMetal is the building block for our ISP Core as a Service, our tunnel termination services and much more! 


Use our platform to build an ISP core, terminate cloud on ramp access, establish an SD-WAN hub site, deploy a cloud firewall and more!


Out network scales rapidly with 100’s of Gigabits of capacity.  Our solutions are virtualized making upgrades or capacity increases simple to implement. 


Don’t lease colocation space or buy expensive hardware but rather consume the platform as a simple subscription!

vMetal Routing

How Does it Work?

Most virtual services are CPU, memory, or storage optimized.  Ours are network-optimized!  Each instance has dedicated CPU cores, memory, and physical NIC(s) to ensure the data plane performs as you would expect from a dedicated appliance!
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