Core Transit Data Centers

Core Transit has a Data Center points of presence around the US to service the needs of our customers with as locally as possible.  Our objective is to offer low latency and reliable connectivity from well connected facilities.  In some cases we build independently and in other we build alongside out Internet Exchange partners to maximize the peering opportunities with resources your end users access the most.

Internet as a Service

Tier 1

Our facilities are connected to tier 1 backbones for reliability and low latency.  Our goal is to be adjacent to the networks you know by name and for good reason.  They handle a lot of traffic that’s important to your business and end users.


We select data centers with the highest ratings in terms of availability and uptime.  We vet power availability, connectivity options and overall performance of a facility before building a presence in that data center.  This in turn means better results for you, our customer.

Routing Flexibility

With tier 1 IP transit and Internet Exchange (IX) access we strive to deliver some of the most flexible routing available.  This means better internet routes as well as better cloud on-ramp routes for your critical data.

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