Internet as a Service

Blended IP Transit

Internet as a Service is a blend of traditional IP transit combined with internet exchange (IX) and private peering (PNI) connectivity. Our Internet as a Service offer enables our customers to take a full or partial BGP routing table and announce their own IP address space or lease address space from us.

Internet as a Service

Route Diversity

Our IP Transit is peered with tier 1 internet backbones, internet exchanges and private peers to ensure the lowest latency and highest user satisfaction.

Proactive Monitoring

Our network is proactively monitored for service impacting events.  Additionally, our customer portal will give you usage data for insight and capacity planning.

Routing Flexibility

Whether using our stand-alone IP transit service or blended Internet as a Service we offer robust routing settings and BGP flexibility through communities and traffic engineering.

Connect to Core Transit

Core Transit gives you the ultimate flexibility when leveraging our network.  Still have questions?  Let us know!

Let's Connect

There are several ways to connect to our Internet as a Service offer:
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