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remote static ip address IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming our world, connecting everything from home appliances to industrial machinery to the internet. As IoT devices become more integrated into our daily lives and business operations, the need for reliable, secure, and efficient networking solutions becomes critical. Core Transit’s static IP solutions can help enable remote sites for more of these demanding IoT applications.  In this article, we’ll explore how Core Transit static IP solutions can be beneficial for your IoT deployment.

Remote Static IP Stability and Reliability

Having a static IP at a remote site while being connected over LTE or a low orbit satellite connection can be a game changer.  Unlike a dynamic IP or CGNAT IP address, a static IP remains constant meaning you know what to expect even if the internet provider’s configuration changes.  To extend capabilities further there are also multipath solutions available as well.  This allows remote sites to have two or more connections while having only a single static IP address for connectivity to the site.  When an IoT application such as a PLC, camera, or data collector must be remotely reachable, Core Transit remote services can deliver no matter the underlying connection.

Consistent Remote Access

For many IoT applications, remote access is essential. Whether you’re accessing a remote oil well site, industrial machinery, or agricultural sensors, having a consistent IP address ensures a connection to your devices from anywhere. This is particularly important for applications that require real-time monitoring and control. The need for constant updates to DNS records, tracking changing IP addresses, or working around CGNAT is also eliminated.

Remote Static IP Services

Core Transit offers multiple solutions to these connectivity challenges. First, a static tunnel solution is designed to be a cost-effective delivery mechanism for the technical user.  Based on standard tunneling protocols the service can be configured on most routing platforms.  An intermediate or advanced knowledge of routing is required but Core Transit is also able to offer configuration and consulting services if required for a deployment.  Additionally, the Core Transit Flex Access solution will be available soon as a simple turn-key alternative.  This platform is a drop-in gateway that you simply interface with like any other internet connection on the downstream side.  Upstream, multiple internet connections can be attached.  The gateway device phones home to Core Transit and the static IP addressing is delivered to your site no matter the underlying connectivity. 

Remote Static IP Aggregation

If your organization requires a customized solution to aggregate IPv4 and IPv6 addressed devices Core Transit can also help.  Within the Core Transit network, we can build, host, and maintain a solution to aggregate your remote devices.  This could be a few dozen to several thousand depending on the needs.  Do your devices need a custom route to a specific cloud service?  We can connect them!  Do you have an existing network to extend?  We can integrate.  The solution is custom designed for your organization based on our best practice designs.

Let’s Connect!

Do you have a remote IoT problem to solve?  We are here to help.  Connect with us to setup a time to review your options in more depth. 


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