Mobile Static IP Address

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Mobile Static IP Address

Core Transit is designed from the ground up to solve complex network and connectivity challenges.  One such challenge is the delivery of mobile static IP addresses.  Reaching a remote site or source traffic from a consistent IPv4 or IPv6 address can be crucial to some IoT and Enterprise connectivity applications.

Why Mobile Static IP Addressing is Needed

Many mobile internet service providers leveraging technology such as LTE or satellite don’t offer fixed static IP addresses even for business customers.  There are several technical challenges in implementing a feature like this; some don’t consider the demand large enough to justify the additional engineering and support.   To better use IP address space, these mobile operators have also implemented CGNAT and other addressing mechanisms to make the IP address space go further.  These solutions are fine for the vast majority of users, however, in some cases, static addresses are a firm requirement.

How Mobile Static IP Addressing Works

The Core Transit solution for these mobile static IP use cases is to leverage common LTE and satellite networks and then deliver a tunneled connection over the top.  Static IP addressing can then be routed over this tunnel no matter where the underlying mobile connection is physically established.  This makes it possible to connect predictably from almost anywhere in North America.  Additionally, it enables the replacement of the underlying connection without impacting the IP addressing information over the tunnel. 

What You Will Need

Getting started with this service is simple.  There are a few things you will typically need to know and have available

  1. An underlying mobile connection.  This could be an LTE connection from AT&T, T Mobile, Verizon, etc., or a satellite, like Starlink.
  2. A router that supports a Core Transit tunneling protocol.  We suggest L2TP or Wireguard as they will pass NAT boundaries with greater reliability.
  3. A Core Transit Tunnel Service.  Services can be ordered from our customer portal at


With these things in place, review the knowledge base for some setup tips for your router.  Noting that this is a technical service, you can configure the tunnel connection in a way you see fit.  Finally, if you need assistance Core Transit can also offer engineering services to enable your organizations.

What’s Next?

If you are ready to try it out navigate to our ordering portal to get started!
Still have questions?  Check out our knowledge base or open a case with your questions!

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