A New BGP Tunnel Broker

A New BGP Tunnel Broker

A New BGP Tunnel Broker

Core Transit has launched a new BGP Tunnel Broker platform designed for innovation and flexibility!  There are other tunnel brokers out there but Core Transit is build from the bottom up as a network oriented solution.  In addition to basic tunnels we are adding the ability to advertise your BGP routes, lease static IPv4 and IPv6 address space and even submit GeoIP location corrections.  As of this posting basic tunnel services are already available as are BGP and IP leasing.  As our platform matures all of these functions will be automated from IP allocation, tunnel creation and BGP route advertisement acceptance via RPKI. 

Why Core Transit?

Core Transit is more than just a new BGP tunnel broker!  Our platform is designed for all types of routing and cloud connectivity innovation.  This knowledge has allowed us to build a very robust platform suitable for mission critical applications.  Of course as tunnel broker customer you also get the benefits of this robust network! 

Ready to Try a Core Transit Tunnel?

Ready to give us a try?  Jump to the Client Area and check out our options!  Do you have feedback, suggestions, or additional use cases?  Let us know! 

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